The Solution is Easy

If you have moments when you feel like it might not work for you in relation to a particular datum, reach out for support; this is what you want to do. You don’t want to linger in your pain and suffering. You don’t want to keep trying to prove that it’s real. When you know what the solution is, then it’s so easy. When the solution is so easy, it’s just really incredible. Just know that these short moments of open intelligence repeated many times are your greatest resource in life. By the power of that resource you will gain complete stability in open intelligence. This is guaranteed! If you commit yourself to short moments of open intelligence, it is guaranteed.

Self-release of Data

By the power of gaining confidence in open intelligence through short moments, many times, you start to see that you don’t really need to do anything about the data. First they seem to be like a friend rather than an enemy, and then pretty soon you start to see that you don’t need to do anything about the data because they undo themselves. This is where you start to gain more stability and confidence in open intelligence, because you see that there is no one to do anything about data. You start to see that the data are self-freeing. They are free in their own place. They are spontaneously self-releasing and nothing needs to be done about them.

Everything is Equal

By the power of short moments, many times, we come to see that everything is equal; no matter what the appearance is, it is absolutely equal. No matter what the label or word is, it is equal. In the radiant clarity of open intelligence, all of these symbols, no matter what they are, are absolutely equal, and they pose neither no threat nor no promise.

Short Moments Repeated Many Times

It could be anything, because whenever we are trying to force ourselves into a tight little space called a descriptive framework or a data stream, we’re going to feel that something is wrong. We’re going to feel into discomfort in some way. If we’ve been trying to change the make-up of our thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences to try to get them into a separate place or into a place where they’re manageable, then when we hear about short moments, many times where nothing is changed—no flow of thoughts, emotions, sensations, or experiences are essentially changed—then it turns the apple cart upside down. It goes against everything we’ve been training ourselves in. It goes absolutely against every single part of our training program.

Open Intelligence is Present

This is really a key piece—that open intelligence is not separate from the thoughts. The thoughts cannot take you out of open intelligence. It just seems like that’s happening, but by gradually gaining more familiarity with open intelligence, what will occur for you is that you will see that open intelligence is present. It will be your experience that open intelligence is present as the source of the thought train. In that way, the thought train won’t be a problem any longer. You will have complete freedom in the midst of that rather than feeling overcome by it.

The Power of Open Intelligence

When we gain confidence in awareness, we are engaging in a power that is really beyond the comprehensive powers of thought alone. It can only be experienced, to verify its existence. When it is experienced and verified in our own existence then we have a new understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

No More Sorting of Thoughts

When we’re managing, regulating, or controlling our thinking, it’s really like being a robot, because whether we’re conscious of it or not, we’re spending most of our day sorting all of our thoughts into good and bad thoughts and wanting to get more of the good ones and get rid of the bad ones. But, we can never get enough of the good ones and we can’t get rid of the bad ones.

Gaining Confidence in Open Intelligence

If we try to put open intelligence into a category like philosophy or spirituality or whatever it might be, then there will be a lot of opinions and perhaps things that are not necessary. All that’s necessary for gaining confidence in open intelligence is to remain as open intelligence for short moments repeated many times until it becomes automatic.

The Practice of Short Moments

Thus the single practice in the Balanced View Training is short moments of open intelligence, repeated many times. By engaging that instinctive realization of short moments, repeated many times, the already accomplished, already present, instinctive condition becomes obvious. It’s not going to come about by trying to change yourself in any way. It’s only going to be realized by settling into what you already are. This will either come about for you in a single flash, or gradually, or by quantum leaps, or whatever you perceive it to be. Whatever that is for you, it’s just the way it is.

Two Aspects of Thoughts

Every single thought we have has two aspects. It has the aspect of its description, the way we describe the thought whatever it might be, and it has a fundamental aspect that is shared by all thoughts, the fundamental aspect that is shared by all thoughts is open intelligence.

Every single thought requires open intelligence. It is not possible to have a thought without open intelligence. Most of us have never learned that. Most members of the human species have never learned that all thinking has these two aspects. In order for thinking to be lucid and clear in all situations in life, it requires familiarization with open intelligence and gaining confidence in that open intellignece rather than focusing on the thoughts themselves as creating a reality.