No More Sorting of Thoughts

When we’re managing, regulating, or controlling our thinking, it’s really like being a robot, because whether we’re conscious of it or not, we’re spending most of our day sorting all of our thoughts into good and bad thoughts and wanting to get more of the good ones and get rid of the bad ones. But, we can never get enough of the good ones and we can’t get rid of the bad ones.

Four Mainstays

The quality and activity of open intelligence is endless and inexhaustible. It is aimlessly, directionlessly and ceaselessly available as the benefit of all. We sink into the reality of what that means for us. We have the support of the whole worldwide community: we have the support of the training itself, we have the support of the trainer and we have the support of the simple practice of short moments. Through all of this, for each of us, no matter who we are, I can guarantee it will become very clear.

The Four Mainstay’s Lifestyle

The Four Mainstays are the combinatory pattern that gives us a way to live everyday life. It’s as simple as that: a way to live everyday life. The Four Mainstays are a lifestyle. A lifestyle is a way of life; it’s a way to live everyday life. All of us, whether we know it or not, we’re choosing a lifestyle, and we’re using all of these four skillful means either in the reification of data or in getting acquainted with our power of great benefit that is so natural in each moment.

Participation in the Four Mainstays

When we started going out into the world with the Balanced View teaching, we did so in response to what people wanted and needed. We especially wanted to reach young people, so it became obvious to us after a few years that the terms “open intelligence” and “data” could communicate very well to all people in the present era. Even ten years ago these terms would not have been able to do that, because there was no market-pervasion of the smart phone or other telecommunication devices. These devices have put many people in touch with a communication ability that wouldn’t be present otherwise. For example, a farm worker in China or India where there is no copper wire infrastructure for other kinds of computation devices, can actively participate in the Four Mainstays with a smart phone.

Complete Confirmation of Who We Are

With the Four Mainstays lifestyle we have a worldwide community of all kinds of people demonstrating the incredible beauty, the profundity, the strength, the total social change and empowerment of the Era of Great Benefit. We have that in our daily experience as our daily lived experience through community and through the trainer and the actual training. We have complete confirmation of who we actually are in each of these.

A Home Base

Balanced View’s Four Mainstays lifestyle provide a home base for giving our entire life to the best use of our beneficial potencies.A home base: this means that lifelong, no matter what happens and no matter what goes on in our life, we have a home base in Balanced View’s Four Mainstays.

The Result of Open Intelligence in Each One of Us.

Why are all Four Mainstays important? First of all, they are important because they actually lead to the result of open intelligence. We have conducted studies, and we see the living example before us. Everyone who is involved is a demonstration of open intelligence’s beneficial potencies. The result is the most significant way to practice the Mainstays, knowing that that is the reality of what is demonstrated through this lifestyle—the actual result of open intelligence’s beneficial potencies in our own unique strengths, gifts and talents for each and every one of us.

We Already Are Clear

Open intelligence is already naturally present. It is not that we don’t have it and hope to get it at some point in the future. We already are clear. Briefly acknowledge open intelligence, again and again, and it becomes obvious all of the time.

Like Sunlight Pervading Space

Data is anything that occurs within the all-encompassing view of open intelligence. It can be a thought, emotion, sensation or other experience, and it can relate to inner or outer events. Data within open intelligence are like sunlight pervading space. Similarly sunlight and space are inseparable.

Open Intelligence Is Increasingly Evident

It makes no difference what data-streams arise. In open intelligence, they vanish naturally, leaving no trace, like a line drawn in the sky. Open intelligence, relaxed and enormously potent, is the source of mental and emotional stability, insight and skillful qualities and activities. By the power of instinctive recognition of open intelligence, these become increasingly evident.