Gliding Along as Open Intelligence

Why not take it easy and make it easy? Why struggle so much to describe everything that is going on? This is very important. By the power of open intelligence, there isn’t any necessity to get into all the descriptive factors about anything. Just glide along as open intelligence and allow its soothing energy to be the essence of everything without interpretation or analysis of what is occurring. In this way everything becomes effortless. By the single power of gaining confidence in open intelligence, it becomes very, very clear that this is all that is necessary to ground one’s self in total well-being.

Our True Identity

In day-to-day experience, the realization of open intelligence brings about continuous soothing energy, perfect mental stability, greatly enhanced intellectual and emotional capacity, and the ability to relate skillfully and beneficially in all situations without impediment. These attributes become evident as qualities and activities of one’s true identity.

True Identity

All phenomena including mind and body are without basis, and there is no possibility that any of them has a foundation. The indivisible exposition of pure intelligence reveals that phenomena are an illusory visible display without independent origin, without ultimate distinctness, and without ultimate identity. As the body itself is a datum that has no finite essence, upon gaining confidence in open intelligence as one’s sole identity, it is clear that the perception of the body is forever self-releasing in the here and now.

Gaining Confidence in Open Intelligence

What has to come first is the one hundred percent commitment to open intelligence above all else. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. If you have a family and a job that doesn’t have anything to do with gaining confidence in open intelligence, it doesn’t really matter. By gaining confidence in open intelligence, you will either continue on doing the same job or you’ll evolve into something else. It is likely you will evolve into something else, because you’ll see greater possibilities about what your life is about. You can never know unless you take it all the way. That’s really true. At the same time, open intelligence is self-affirming, so it isn’t like you’re banking on a high-risk investment or something else that is scary.

The Root of All Our Experience

Our data are very, very pervasive. The only way we can really understand the nature of existence as it is, is to gain confidence in open intelligence, and that requires a one hundred percent commitment. It means that we no longer treat ourselves with our data. We no longer rely on psychological interpretations as the sole way of looking at things. We no longer rely on scientific explanations as the sole way of looking at things. We no longer rely on creationist or spiritualist ways of explaining and describing things as the sole way of looking at things.

We rely on the one thing that is required for all our experience, and that is open intelligence of that experience. We take hold of the root of all of our experience—open intelligence—rather than relying on the description of the experience itself. One hundred percent commitment is very important to understand. It’s important to understand its implications, because it does mean one hundred percent commitment across the board in all of one’s experience and for all of one’s life.

Relying on Open Intelligence

It is in our practical day-to-day experience that we gain confidence in open intelligence. Maybe before we had been relying on our data or our perspectives that we gathered in order to make sense of reality. However, rather than relying on the opinions we’ve gathered about the nature of reality, we start to rely on open intelligence. More and more we rely on our own direct experience and our own instinctive recognition of open intelligence, rather than relying on all our opinions about everything or the opinions of others.

Familiarization With Open Intelligence

Once the introduction to open intelligence has taken place, in other words, open intelligence has been identified as the source of one’s experience, then to gain confidence in that open intelligence requires familiarization with it. When it’s been ignored as the source of one’s own experience, then there’s no familiarity with it.

The Basis of Knowing

Without open intelligence you would not know anything. You wouldn’t know about yourself or about anything else. So why not go to what’s at the basis of knowing yourself and everything else? If you go right to the basis of what’s knowing, then you are going to see a lot about the knowledge itself.

No Juice in Data

Have you ever been able to gather all your forces together and just get all those thoughts and emotions that really make you feel good about yourself and conclude that this is who you are? No, because there isn’t any juice in these data; they don’t have any power, and they’ve never had a vigor of their own. The central vigor and vitalizing influence is the power of reality itself. It isn’t in data.

Being Free of our Constructs

If you put your energy and attention into proving the validity of data in any way, then they will seem real. It’s just the way it is. Here it’s very special and it’s very unique, because it’s really easy to understand the nature of reality. It’s really easy to free yourself up from all of your constructs through maintaining open intelligence.