Preserving Open Intelligence

First put your intelligence into a potent state. Relax, be without thought, boom—just like that. In that state where there is an open spontaneous presence, suddenly let the current data be as it is by preserving opening intelligence directly and fiercelysimultaneously leaving all data exactly as it is, exactly as it is. This is the key to instinctive recognition of inseparability; this is the key right here. By preserving opening intelligence, directly and fiercely by allowing simultaneously all data to be as it is, it’s recognized that there is a great indivisibility, a great inseparability, that there is nothing to do, nothing to do, no destination to get to. We’ve simply been focusing on data, rather than recognizing opening intelligence. Once we get that first hit of open intelligence, we know where it’s at, and then there’s no turning back, no turning back at all.

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