Vast View

Recognize potent opening intelligence—the power source of illuminated body, speech, mind, beneficial qualities and activities. When we’re living from the limited definition of data, all we see is a very small space; it is like living on the head of a pin. We have a very small definition of what life is, and for any word that comes up, we really do not have discernment, clarity or insight about that word. All we have is a limited definition set out for us in a dictionary—that’s it. When we allow everything to be as it is, we find that that limited definition is a vast expanse of pure space, a vast expanse like pure space. It doesn’t have any limit or restriction to it. It simply is as it is, and that vast space is the vast space of comprehensive intelligence, of beneficial potent, comprehensive intelligence, and it is within that vast space that there are no rulebooks. There is spontaneous non-learning. We simply know what to do and how to act. According to exact time, place and circumstance and result, we are able to know exactly what to do and how to act. We don’t need to learn what to do and how to act; we know what to do and how to act. This is vastly different than social codes and imposition of ethical and moral ideals and that sort of thing.

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