Beneficial Potency of Open Intelligence

In a reified lifestyle, learning is a matter of continuing accomplishment and trying to remember what has been learned and accomplished, and it is always endless suffering, because we can’t remember everything. As we get older we remember less and less. All of the wonderful things we’ve learned start to go away, and some people completely lose all things ever learned. By the power of open intelligence’s beneficial potency, we validate, we seal open forever the intelligence that cannot be diminished. It can never be diminished in any way. It is not learned, yet it includes all learning. It is always responsive to time, place, circumstance and the result of benefit. That is the perfect knowledge that is applied in a totally spontaneous and uncontrived way in fractions of moments, fractions of moments so small that they can’t be indicated in any way. This is what the beneficial potency of open intelligence is—always working, always filled with illuminated intent and devotion to all of its expressions shining forth.

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