Candice O’Denver-Reality Education in the Nature of Mind the Standardized


We are joining in reality when we enjoy the profits of the great beneficial potency of open intelligence. We enjoy the spontaneous power of existence itself, and the names of things are just kind of a blur; they don’t really matter. What becomes so obvious to everyone, as all of you know, is that open intelligence saves the day. Here we are back at the basis of reality itself. While we may be the pioneers of joining in with reality; nevertheless, we enjoy all of the benefits of it from the very beginning. From the first moment of our introduction to open intelligence, we identify reality; we identify reality and we join in with reality.

We, in the first moment of introduction, have a decisive experience of benefit, of immediate benefit, and we know from that moment on that immediate benefit is in open intelligence. No matter what we’ve learned beforehand, it is really important to prioritize and make open intelligence the primary determinate of your Four Mainstays lifestyle. Open intelligence. We have a very simple introduction process, introducing people to the Four Mainstays and introducing people directly to open intelligence so they can identify it in their own experience, like all of you, everyone joining in here today knows exactly what I’m talking about, and this is what reality is from the very beginning.


For some people it’s a huge relief. “Oh wow, finally I know what reality is and I’m not going to go that way anymore. I know that the go-to is the Four Mainstays, and I know that whatever I’ve been looking for in life, I can find it there. I’ve been looking for friends; well, all of sudden I have friends and they’re not just where I live; they’re all over the world. And not only that, when I visit with these friends all over the world, I can talk to them, never having met them before in my life, and we will speak a common language about reality.” So that is so amazing; this is the first time this has ever existed in human life. We instantaneously have a loving intimate connection with another human being without ever having seen then before, and we feel totally comfortable being with them knowing they’re living exactly the same kind of life we live. This is really the exaltation of human reality, the great stainless exaltation of humans. We are such special creatures in reality. Each one of our data streams is the great outshining of pure beneficial potency.

A creature like that is so obviously important. A creature, an exalted beautiful, incredible, magnificent, wondrous creature who houses the knowledge of the entire multiverses that may exist, houses all that knowledge within them in a usable way, in a usable way, a way that directly relates to reality and living that reality. Oh, such a creature is very special. Human beings are special, special, special, and we have been fed a line of you know what, B.S. We have been fed a line of B.S, of diminishment, of internalized oppression, so that we’re so oppressed we don’t even know we’re oppressed. We’re so oppressed by many of the data streams that once we’re introduced to open intelligence, it does come as a great relief. At first it may be difficult after years of diminishment of ourselves and marginalization to experience ourselves as exalted and to allow ourselves to really be exalted.

To allow ourselves to have beneficial speech, for example, that the exaltation of beneficial speech where every word that is said is completely filled with treasure. Every single word that is said is completely filled with treasure.

That is because it is no longer abiding by a limited definition of that word and its reality. It is no longer confined within lack of education in the nature of mind. It is no longer confined within its dictionary definition. Its definition hasn’t been eschewed or obliterated or kicked to the curb or whatever.

Instead, its definition has been exalted by being included in the great spread of beneficial potency. Each data stream, no matter what we have named it, is actually in reality the great outshining, comprehensive intelligence of what is brought about by the Four Mainstays. That was just a little introduction before I start actually commenting on the text, which I promised to do, didn’t I? Okay.

Already accomplished within open intelligence is the profound meaning of knowing the benefit of all through enacting particular skillful means appropriate to time, place, circumstance and result. Now, I’m going to go through each word in that sentence. “Already accomplished” means that it is already present; it is already present and obvious. It may not be recognized, but it is already accomplished, present and obvious, already accomplished within open intelligence. Open intelligence is any intelligence you have right now, as you sit here, as we speak to each other, in multitudinous ways—that is open intelligence. There is no other open intelligence. There’s not some open intelligence we’re going to get to in the future or some open intelligence we were in in the past and now we’re out of it. Everything, no matter what its name, is included in all-inclusive, all-encompassing, all-pervasive open intelligence. Everything pools in the great spread of beneficial potency—the great singularity—and this is a singularity of exaltation of all data. All data are recognized and realized to have absolute truth value, to have absolute reality value.

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