Candice O’Denver-All Encompasing Intelligence

There is only one intelligence; it is indivisible. It is a cosmological event or occurrence, wherein everything is all-encompassing intelligence. That’s all it ever is. Even though it may be given another name to provoke or produce understanding of what it is, it always is only open intelligence. So for example, data are the dynamic energy of open intelligence; they are the fire and the potency of open intelligence. Data also are the purity, the primordial purity of open intelligence, and data together with open intelligence are the pure benefit, the beneficial capacity, the all-accomplishing wizardry that is given to those who have a pure aspiration and pure motivation for open intelligence. So I talked about three different aspects of one reality. It’s still one reality. It has these three aspects. It’s primordially pure because within it there’s not a single thing that is of a different kind. There isn’t anything that comes from some other place. No datum has a nature that is different than or distinct from open intelligence. It couldn’t possibly be. Such is the case with everything else as well; there is no datum whatsoever that has an independent nature. All data are the lightning flash of open intelligence that is obvious to us in any given moment.

When I say “us,” the word us as well is open intelligence. There isn’t any way whatsoever to get out of open intelligence or get in to it, because it always already is the case. So there’s no need to fool around, thinking that we’re something that we’re not I mentioned yesterday that we’ve taken this trip on a very long road, and at the beginning of the trip there were two roads to choose, and we chose the road that took us to where we are now. And so now we have chosen another road. We don’t live in the same kind of culture that we lived in two or three thousand years ago, yet we are taught to use our minds in exactly the same way that people were taught to use their minds two or three thousand years ago.

As long as there is any inclination, idea or even under-mutter of the idea that something has an independent nature, that a datum has an independent nature, as long as that is going on, it’s impossible to feel the full potency of open intelligence. The potency of open intelligence is a relaxed, alert potency, and there isn’t anything that needs to be done to make it that way. When data are seen as having an independent nature, then all of their beautiful, magnificent, wondrous, treasure-like qualities are distorted, and then we end up with extremism, such a materialism or nihilism. Our actual intelligence is all-encompassing; it doesn’t need to get rid of materialism or nihilism. It’s all-encompassing, all-inclusive.

Yesterday we talked about letting everything be as it is, because it already is that way anyway. But we didn’t learn that; we learned to use our intelligence in a different way. We learned to describe each stirring of data. We learned to create a storyline with a tag for every event in our life. It had to be a story with a beginning, middle and end. Can anyone relate to what I am saying? Leaving everything as it is is an enormous change from a storytelling lifestyle. One becomes a reality-teller or a truth-teller rather than a BS-er.

Why are we this way? Only because we lack education in the nature of mind. Well, today there is no reason in the world for us not to know the nature of our mind, and there’s no reason in the world for there to be anything other than the standardized solution to education in the nature of intelligence. This is a must. It is a must for society at large right now, for human society and for who knows who else might be listening in on what’s going on here. We don’t want to distort what is exalted; we don’t want to dress it up in a costume that makes it look anything different than what it is. By leaving everything as it is, we come to see that an enormous space of openness is true for each of us, and that enormous space of openness is us. It’s not that we are the witness of a space. We are that space; we are that vast inexhaustibility of open intelligence—data proliferating and stirring constantly.

The crucial juncture of open intelligence and its beneficial potencies is the most powerful place to live, and this is where we live when we allow everything to be as it is—the crucial juncture. Open intelligence, and what open intelligence really is as an inexhaustible natural resource, it is assimilated. That means it is understood at the crucial juncture; or another word for crucial juncture is “coincidence” of open intelligence and data. I know there are some people who are not native English speakers, so maybe you learned a new word today—assimilated. It’s very powerful to use that word in particular. It’s a nail; it nails it down. Open intelligence is assimilated, at the crucial juncture of open intelligence and data—their inseparability, their great inseparability, like the sky and the color blue can’t be separated out from each other. No one would ever even think of trying to do that. We’re growing to live exactly that way as our own intelligence, letting it be  as it is—open intelligence and data inseparable.

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