Candice O’Denver-A Standard Educational System

Introduction to the nature of intelligence, this is the intelligence of all multi-verses spiral-universes or whatever there may be—all united by a single intelligence—the singularity.

If we stop for a moment without any thoughts, here it is—right here. Not difficult to identify, just unused, just unused, that’s all. Open intelligence and the data it runs, in other words all the thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences, all the data it runs are inseparable, because they have no nature independent from open intelligence.

The more we allow data to be as they are, the more we realize that open intelligence and data are inseparable, like the sky and the color blue—completely inseparable. The more we allow the data to be as it is, just allowing the data to be as it is, exactly as it is, with no need to do anything about it, the more we see that all of these things that have been so troublesome and problematic are resolved, they’re outshone, just like the noonday sun outshines all the planets and stars that are so evident at night. That’s really an interesting metaphor, an interesting simile, because when we’re so focused on data, it is similar to just seeing all the planets and stars at night. If we really look at the sky, if we take an opportunity to look at the sky, in the morning we see that there are many planets still visible; just with the naked eye we can still see them. Data are the same way; some data hang around a little longer than others before they are outshone, and so it’s a very apt simile for the process we all go through. We can look at nature, and reflected all around us is the exact process of our own nature. This is why in Balanced View we only use certain metaphors and similes. These are metaphors and similes that were not created by human beings. In other words, we did not create the sun that would outshine the planets and stars; we did not create the planet and stars; we did not create the indivisibility of the sky and the color blue. The basic introduction to open intelligence carries through all data, it pervades all data, it subsumes all data quicker than the blink of an eye. As it subsumes all data, it opens up more and more comprehensive intelligence: intelligence for us to solve the very real problems we have as a human species living on the planet earth with other species and also going out into space and exploring other realms. What can we offer unless we really know who we are? We have to really know who we are before we start fooling around with things like this. It’s very important to understand that just like with any other great science, there has to be a standardized language, a common terminology that is used. This is why Balanced View is called “the standardized education in the nature of mind.” Just like physics uses “neutrons, protons and electrons,” chemistry uses “the periodic table of elements,” music uses all of the scales and notes, and artists use pallets of color and color theory, and many, many other common terminologies, it unites a field of study or interest in a way so we can talk to each other about it, in a way that is real and in a way that is understood. Thus it is so with Balanced View as well; it is a standardized education in the nature of mind, whereby all people all over the world receive the same education in the nature of mind. It doesn’t mean that people start running around like robots, everyone alike; in fact, quite contrary, it brings forth all of the strengths, gifts and talents of every individual—brings them forth in their fullest form.

Evolution dispenses with what is no longer needed, and it does so in order for the species to survive. In this case evolution dispenses with lack of education in human nature and what a human being really is. It steps forth with an educational proposition that is flexible. It’s flexible; it is constantly, continually, continuously being elaborated and proliferated, gaining in power and strength, inexhaustibly. Here is another area where we’ve been taught to think of things in terms of destinations—getting somewhere and stopping—like retirement or graduation from college or having a child or getting married or whatever it is. Now we find that we live in, of, as and through inexhaustible intelligence, very far from destination seeking—in fact, so profound that it completely calls off the search immediately. It calls off the search immediately.

What can be said about inexhaustibility? Where can a search be found in inexhaustibility—more and more opening intelligence, more and more profound opening intelligence, profound in meaning beyond anything that has been thought possible. This is what we are all invited to and called upon to participate in together, and it is the basis by which for the first time ever in human history, we are able to know each other as we actually are. We can meet someone for the first time and we can know that person as they actually are. We will probably even be able to know what they are thinking about or what is going on in their life, because we are that connected and we are that adept at who we are. Once that opens up just a little bit, then we begin to see, we begin to see clearly. We don’t just see clearly for a little while and then stop; we see more and more clearly as we go along, inexhaustibly. It may take a little while to become accustomed to it, but not that long because it feels so much better; it is just so true, it rings true with every note. It’s something we want to acknowledge, that we want to keep alive in ourselves; we want to really understand the impulse of immediate benefit that is the very nature of what we are, that every single thought, emotion, sensation or other experience—what we call data—all data are meant to be of beneficial potency. All the names we’ve thought to call them, all the definitions we’ve thought to describe them, really don’t mean much at all. What really means a great deal is that we are so profoundly skillful, that without any learning at all we know specifically and exactly what to do according to time, place, circumstance and result. We do not need any rulebooks, orders of law, dictates of those on high. We carry within us the aptitude, the exact aptitude to respond entirely beneficially to time, place, circumstance and result, and the result is always the benefit of all.

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