Candice on the Youthful Body of Open Intelligence

This blog post is a summary of Candice O’Denver’s talk on the youthful body of open intelligence at at Balanced View Center. You can find the video referenced in this blog post here.

In this video, Candice O’Denver addresses an issue that is prevalent in the media today – being attractive, and the pressure that society places on all humans to fit the mold of what our respective culture finds “attractive.” Candice asserts that we are all filled with mild or severe versions of “physical affliction” for the entirety of our lives based on this idea of what is attractive, and our inherent need to be attractive.

Candice then talks about her interaction with a book, “Over the Hill,” which introduces the idea that once women reach a certain age, they become less and less attractive. It is said in the book that women become increasingly upset and miserable when they believe they are not attractive to others. Candice O’Denver responds to this with an astonishing revelation. When we look in the mirror and focus on the image, we see it is getting older and older. However, what’s looking never changes! What’s looking is always youthful, clear and alert. The youthful body of open intelligence is unchanging, blissful and content. These are the good looks we can enjoy. Each person needs to understand that data streams (thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences) are the “shining forth” of eternal gorgeousness; it does not depend on conventional physical beauty. Further, men and women should understand how much we have relied on the importance we put on being attractive to others, and feeling deeply how this has played out in our life. In this way we open these data instead of feeling so constricted by them, and we open up to our beneficial potency of what and who we are. Candice advises that we need not fear this specific data stream, and by letting it be as it is, we empower ourselves to be solid, stable and happy no matter how the image in the mirror changes.

Ultimately, Candice O’Denver stresses that the attractiveness to focus on is not in the ever-changing physical body. The attractiveness lies in knowing our fundamental nature, nature’s open intelligence itself that unifies and brings us all together across countries, nations and cultures. This is really the true beauty in us all.

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