Candice Speaks on Ending Jealousy Forever

Each short moment of open intelligence is a building block of wisdom. You can see in yourself that with each short moment, there is such a force of immediate benefit in that. It is a benefit that extends beyond that moment. Say you’re jealous, all of a sudden inflamed with jealously about something, and you decide that it is just a short moment, and it’s not going to be any other action. And so, the short moment comes about. Just that short moment can do everything from give relief in that particular moment to completely end jealousy forever in your life. One short moment, say related to jealousy, might not stop the jealousy, but it could end some kind of memory that has been haunting you for all of your life. Some kind of memory you can’t get rid of. It keeps coming up again and again. It’s a bad memory and this is the way that open intelligence is. It’s the way it works. It’s the way wisdom works, but with each of these moments you see there is an enormous expansion of wisdom and an enormous expansion of benefit because all of that energy and attention is released and is opened up into beneficial energy. You feel better, you look better, you wanna live, and you really get a sense that you can help the world, not just yourself. Feeling the power of benefit within yourself, ensures that you see the power of benefit in others. If you can see it in yourself then you know it exists in others.

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