About Balanced View

From the ongoing comparative analysis, I built a comprehensive map and an accelerated methodology for standardized education in the nature of mind which couples non-verbal and verbal communication, based on a language that only comes from open intelligence’s perfect knowledge. It cannot be imitated and can only be spoken by an authentic holder of open intelligence’s beneficial potencies when sealed by direct transmission. The methodology has been tested and the exceptional results recorded from thousands of participants worldwide.

The Balanced View system developed by our team brings about complete mental and emotional stability. Additionally, the method results in the comprehensive knowledge of inexhaustibly increasing intelligence as one’s primary identity. This open intelligence provides an all-encompassing, alert and clear perspective to everything within it. In the moment, everything (data) comes forth indivisibly.

Open intelligence is a complete change of perspective from the data-driven view that has entrenched humanity. Opening intelligence subsumes everything in comprehensive knowledge of the universe(s) in a useable way. It also provides the only known standardized foundation to identify and optimize strengths, gifts and talents for the benefit of all.
I started the research for the Balanced View movement 40 years ago when online bibliographic search became available. All along, I have worked with a team of countless volunteers, including all levels of the management of Balanced View. Balanced View trainings are offered online, using a wide range of free social media and grassroots community organizing through websites, video-conferencing, 24/7 live chat, and face-to-face meetings available on all continents. See Balanced View’s website at balancedview.org.

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